Sound Addicted - Studio Monitor Isolation Pads for 5 Inch Monitors, Pair of Two High Density Acoustic Foam which Fits most Speaker Stands | SMPad 5

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SMPad 5 is made out of the highest quality acoustical foam (50kg/m^3 density).
7.5 x 11 x 1.6 inch (W x D x H). Designed to hold up to 22 lb without changing the shape.
Every pack comes complete with two pads, one for each of your left and right speakers (NO LOGO printed).
Designed with multiple configurations allowing you to move the monitor isolation pads into a versatile array of angles for the best sound quality.
Sized to fit all popular 5'' inches Studio Monitors - Yamaha HS5, JBL LSR305, KRK Rokit RP5, Mackie MR5, M-Audio BX5, Adam F6, Tascam VL-S5, Alesis Elevate 5, Behringer MS16 and many more.


Excellent solution for better sound quality!
Everything that can vibrate will color the sound and that includes the surface that the monitors are mounted on. The SMPad 5 decouple the energy from the supporting surface which results in a significantly improved audio sound.

- affordable way to improve the sound of your studio monitors.
- decouples your speakers from bookshelfs, desktops or monitor stands.
- foam wedges provide up to 5 tilt options, including flat.
- supports up to 22 lb without changing the foam shape.

Material: High density sponge (50kg/m^3 density)
Color: Black
Dimmensions (WxDxH): 7.5x11x1.6 inches
Weight: 7.4 ounces
Package include: 2 Speaker Pads

--100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Our Studio Monitor Isolation Pads risers are backed by our manufacturer 60 day money back guarantee!--