Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets for Ceiling 303 Bright Solar System Wall Stickers, Shining Space Decals, Glowing 14 Planets 1 Moon 4 Rockets 24 Shooting Stars 260 Stars Boys Girls Room Decoration

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BUILD YOUR OWN PLANETARIUM - The kids will enjoy recreating the amazing solar system planetarium in their bedroom or playroom; Our glow in the dark stars and planets kit is fun and educational activity as you can teach your children all about the planets with our galaxy ceiling decoration. Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove and Reapply without losing any of their adhesive great quality.
HELP YOUR CHILD OVERCOME HIS FEAR OF THE DARK - Glow sticks star wars! The soft light from the luminous stickers on the walls and ceiling will help your kids to relax at bedtime. The fluorescent decorations stars adhesive will make your children feel secure in their bedroom and they will be imagining adventures in outer space as they will drift off to dreamland more peacefully with the sticky stars.
BEST GIFT IDEA FOR KIDS OR ADULTS - All Universe in your room! The glow in the dark stars and planets kit comes in a colorful box which makes it a best gift for kids, who can use their imagination to create a ceiling solar system decor in their bedroom or playroom - a perfect space bedroom decor for boys and girls. You can also use the glow in the dark stickers to create a romantic and realistic glowing starry night sky.
GLOW IN THE DARK STARS PARTY IDEAS - All Planets, including Sun, Earth, Moon, Pluto, Dwarf Planets, Stars, Shooting Stars, and Rockets. Get crafty with your kids and use the ultra bright stars and planets stickers wall decals to create the best party decorations for their birthday, Halloween party, Christmas, Valentines Day, New Year or any other glowing neon party theme like outer space adventures, solar system, science activities. The shooting stars will improve the outer space room decor.
GREAT TEACHING AND EDUCATIONAL TOOL - The luminous stars and planets stickers hanging set with astronomy information is a great teaching aid for any classroom; It is also a good educational tool which encourages kids to discover and explore the world around them, constellations, outer space, not only to the Moon and back. With realistic 3d effect our solar system set and glow in the dark constellations is perfect for baby room decor or toddler wall decals.