Simulinen Dinner Napkins - Like Cloth Yet Disposable - Unfolded 16"x16" (Black 250 Count)

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DURABLE and ABSORBENT: It's hard to find a durable, high quality napkin that's thick enough to be sufficient for every meal. SimuLinen's Signature Dinner Napkins are THICK, DURABLE and ABSORBENT and your guests will surely wonder where you got them.
SOFT and DISPOSABLE: Made from the softest and best DISPOSABLE material available on the market today.
LINT-FREE and WON'T FADE: Don't you hate wearing nice clothes and putting your napkin on your lap, only to realize later that your nice clothes have napkin lint all over them? SimuLinen's napkins are lint-free and the color won't fade or bleed when wet!
DISPOSABLE & FRIENDLIER TO THE ENVIRONMENT: All of our products are much more eco-friendly than re-washing cloth-linen napkins.
GREAT SIZE: 16"x16" Flat, unfolded so that you can fold them anyway you like