Schick Hydro Sense Hydrate Mens Razor Blade Refill With Skin Guards, Includes 12 Razor Blades Refills

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Designed like no other RAZOR to protect skin from irritation with a unique Hydrating Gel Reservoir that hydrates throughout each shave
Instant lubricating protection and delivers 40% LESS FRICTION than a lube strip**.
Flip TRIMMER offers a unique design for those hard-to-trim places
5 Ultra Glide RAZOR BLADES to deliver our best shave
NEW larger, redesigned Guard-bar for increased skin stretch, resulting in a SMOOTH SHAVE


The Schick Hydro 5 Blade refill for use with the Schick hydro 5 razor features an advanced design that will give your our best shave for your skin. Each blade refill features Schick's exclusive hydrating gel reservoir that hydrates throughout each shave and built-in skin guards to smooth your skin and reduce irritation. Schick hydro 5 is the ultimate experience in men's grooming. You can always trust Schick hydro 5 will give you a great shave at a great value.